We have assessed the ecological effect of each part of our organisation, from sourcing to, transportation, to office life, with a goal to minimise carbon emissions.

That means for any CO2 we produce during the making of pieces, the running of our business, and the delivery of our orders, we offset every last drop with an equivalent amount of oxygen.

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Made with the planet in mind

At the heart of our business is a mission to provide beautiful pieces that respect the earth and woman-kind. With the help of our forward thinking partners Greenfeet and Carbon Footprint LTD, we are 100% carbon neutral (and never going back!)

We've partnered with forward thinking companies like Greenfeet and Carbon Footprint Ltd to understand our impact and get exposure to sustainable projects around the globe. Thanks to their tools we have assessed the environmental impact of our operations, and tackled our emissions head-on.

We’ve invested in renewable power projects in the Philippines, India, and China to help provide sustainable energy to the impoverished and heavily polluted areas. With their help, all our business operations from Q4 2021 are 100% Carbon Neutral.

Climate-conscious decisions

We've invested in renewable projects around the globe to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. Sustainable development is at the heart of our business, and we're doing our lil' bit to give back to the planet.

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